adding sound system


i would like to see comodo having sound system like, when comodo updated then it gives out a sound that comodo has been updted


when virus detected by comodo then it also makes sound.

this is useful if any user is far from pc then he can know that something detected in pc…

if u want demo then i can show too…

this is very important and awesome feature. i would like to send my msg to THE CEO OF COMODO MELIH if he can do this useful update.

thank you

Melih, why you are so quite?
Make a sound, Melih!
Do not remain silent, Melih!

“I repeat myself when under the stress”… I repeat!
(Eric should like that ;))

That’s how I test Comodo CIS:

“Like not looking [at] it whole day … It remains consistent!”
…mmmm! I wish you were here to see it! " <<== here is a link

Cheers! ;D


So many sounds everywhere ! …

No, or with option.
But what can be very usefull is a way to place (ALWAYS-remember the place and size and options …)
of the sandbox on the screen, and/or force foreground.
Why ?
'cause when working remotely, this kind of message may be missing (out of MY remote screen) when most of the mouse’s works are on the left side. (desktop client size …)
SandBox is very very usefull (thanks), at the begining, but also after.

adding sound would be annoying with this software. I enjoy the silence it now offers.

there should be option to enable or disable sound system. so if u not like sound then u can disable. :slight_smile:

I agree. Also would we want Melihs voice telling us our security database has been updated or want something a little sweeter. No offence to Melih. Maybe a choice of sounds or voices. Kind regards

yes. but i hope melih will read this msg…


if it were in cis, need to be optional (default off)
i hate that function of avast and dont wanna see anything like that in cis

im not saying it should not be added, just its not nessesary, and may interfere with litening to music, waching videos, playing, sleeping, reading.
so it should be optional