Adding registry keys to my registry protection


When I use the add registry the full name is displayed when adding a registry protection. Also an asterix appears when adding a key. I would like to known the syntax for adding entries manually.

What is the abbreviation for:


Also the wildcards and usage, f.i

  • currentcontrolset??? would include currentcontrolset001, 002 etc
  • run* would include run, runonce, etc

A field value would be keyed as ExampleRegistryKey/Fieldname
All subsesequent fields/subkeys within a key would be ExampleRegistryKey/*

Please inform

Your abbreviations match what little I know of such things. The registry key names match the names in the My Protected Registry dialog, so any abbreviations should be trying to match what is there. If there is ambiguity, it is the fault of the abbreviation and whoever invented it.

The wildcards work as you indicate, except that if you define a key like ExampleRegistryKey/Fieldname as protected, then it would be redundantly included if you protect ExampleRegistryKey/* also. I am not sure, not having looked at the registry and the CFP dialog together, that the individual fields are shown separately. I know that some areas are not fully displayed for protection of subkeys even. For example, HKLM\Security should have a couple of levels of subkeys but they do not get displayed in CFP’s dialog for some reason.