Adding new sites to the Comodo Verification Engine

Just downloaded the Comodo Verification Engine.

Noticed some differences when loading different sites. Some sites show a Green border and also has a Green cursor that streams to the site logo from where you have the cursor sitting when the site loads, and some do not show the Green streaming cursor.

The reason for this thread was the amount of sites that are not available yet with the the Green Border. Wondered if you could add an option in the Verification Logo at the bottom to authenticate the site and add it to the list.
I think this might be handier for the user and faster for Comodo to have all the urls being directed automatically to those that verify and add the sites.
Also wondered if all the pages before or after the originating page might be checked? Sometimes when someone goes to the site many times they do not start at the Home Page.

One last question I noticed that was listed as one of the sites to check It still is without the verification, but what really caught my attention is that there is NO CLOSED LOCK before you input any information. Anyone wonder why this major item is missing there?


Hi UncleDoug

The sites that don’t have the Trailing Mouse Pointer are the ones yet to be validated. You can speed that up by telling us which sites you want validated.

We will put it in the wish list ability to request adding the site.

We validate the whole domain, so in theory you should have validation for the whole domain, however sometimes online businesses use some URLs that we can’t find easily hence can’t validate.

better check what kind of certificate has. It could be a low assurance (Domain Only) one, in which case the padlock would be open. No online business serious about doing business online should use low assurance (domain only) SSL Certificates.


Melih, DiscoverCard being a credit card site should have a lock either unlocked for unsecure pages and Locked for pages when you want to make paymenst or check balances or even sign up,

Wondered what you thought of the idea of adding an option to the Verification link at the bottom of the page to send that sites url directly to those that do the verifications.

It would be convenient to both the users and to those doing the verification since they would have it sent directly to them.

Thanks again

good idea…

we will have something similar to it in the next versions of VE :slight_smile:
actually pretty nifty ideas… :slight_smile:


Melih, Glad you liked the idea! This will help getting new sites validated quicker.

Also what you thought about this:


yep… nice…


Melih, a white list will be quicker once we are able to add new sites. Last week I went to Adobe downloads to check on Flash player and the Green Border did not appear? If the link was there it probably would be in the system by now.

But wondered if there mighr still be a need for a blacklist to be scanned 2nd for sites known for unscrupulous activity to protect the user, this would include spoofing.

With the Verification Engine and a growing white list, the user quickly knows if it is a Good Site.
If a Green Border is NOT present then the program needs to automatically scan the black list and let the user know if it is a spoofed site or a site known for questionable activity.

Most of us are impatient so the whole scanning needs to be accomplished in less than 10 seconds if on a fast connection.