Adding new rule in firewall is terribly slow!

Good afternoon everyone

I have computer with win7 64bit and i5 processor, fast Samsung SSD and I am experienced computer user.
I wrote that because many times people ask for useless informations like computer configuration or other basic stuff, while problem is in software.

So, I want to report a bug - I have long list of programs in firewall. When I want to add new program to block list (or allow list, or just add new rule in advanced mode) I must wait 10 seconds for program response after i click “OK”! That is very, very slow! Is anyone test this firewall before releasing? I mean real tests, not for 5-6 entries.

I think it’s a bug. GUI is not so fast and now I see that firewall itself is slow too.

Can you edit your first post using the required format:;msg743135#msg743135

For the time being im going to move your post to the incomplete section. Once you edit your post using the required format i can forward your bug to the devs.


I have the same problem with the other comodo window. If I make changes to unrecognized files list and press ok I wait for those 22 sec. till the window is closed. Sometimes If that list is very large the window is even hanging up and can be closed only with task manager.

This bug will not be processed until someone creates a proper bug report using the required format.

Well, dear admin, it’s your program that we’re trying to improve by sending you our feedback. Use our posts or not (that means “improve your software or not”).

I read that “standard form” and most of questions are useless. For example - step to reproduce? Come on, what should I wrote? Add 150 programs to your firewall list? My description was clear. I don’t think that any settings in firewall can change that behaviour, because I observe that slow respond by using CIF on many computers. What I expected to happens is obvious, isn’t? I expect that program will work faster.

I bet that I can reproduce problem on any PC, no matter what settings I choose, no matter what computer I have and what is my pc case colour. So please, do not be a robot who needs extended form to understand very simply description of a bug.

Or not, be a robot, whatever. :slight_smile: If I were a programmer, I’would be happy to get feedback in any form. But it’s up to you. :slight_smile: Thank you.

Im just a moderator not an admin or comodo employee. Comodo has asked us mods to strictly monitor the bug format. It helps QA find and reproduce the bug easily and quickly.

You can also report this in Computer Slowdown When Using Comodo. That topic does not have strict bug report requirements for reporting performance issues.

My computer works great, no slow down at all. Only adding any new entry to firewall freezes program (gui) for few seconds. It’s very easy to reproduce and I think everyone can see that. Different thing is that maybe someone doesn’t care. If you just answer about block/allow then you didn’t notice that. But if you open GUI, select “Block application” and choose any exe file, then after that you must wait few seconds until you’ll able to even close GUI. ← maybe this picture explain what I mean.

And slow down is greater if list of blocked/allowed programs is bigger.

Bump! Anyone at least trying to resolve that bug?

I cant forward this bug until you use the required format.

You say you’re an experienced user, so you should be aware that sotware developers need detailed information, especially about your configuration, in order to begin diagnosing the problem. The standard bug report form is designed to collect that information, that is why you must submit your bug report in standard format.

Complaining that you think that some of the information on the standatd form is unnecessary is rather arrogant on your part, you’re effectively saying that you know more about how CIS works than the Comodo developers.

There are a lot of very smart people on here and you’re not impressing anybody with your attitude.