Adding good files to Comodo's "white list"

I test software for SpamBully, a spam filtering software. A user reported that Comodo Anti-Virus identified SpamBully’s exe. file as a virus; I tested SpamBully with Comodo. Comodo lists our SpamBully files as “untrusted.”

How can I submit SpamBully to be added to your white list or your definitions so that it will not be tagged in this way?

I have submitted the files to Comodo using the Submit command. I cannot attach the main file in question, because it is an .exe. (Comodo identifies several of the files that SpamBully uses, all of which I have submitted). The program can be downloaded from: Spam Bully – Email spam filter for Outlook and Outlook Express, Windows Mail in Vista and Windows Live Mail |

Thank you.

I moved your topic to the False Positive boards as it may be more at its place there. It will most likely result in the FP being removed.

This is not the same as being put on the white list.