Adding Global Rule(s) and P2P programs


I am trying to improve, if I can, my security. I’m using the latest CIS. My firewall came with the predefined global rule to block ICMP in. I found a 2007 forum post here where people said they created a global rule to block all UDP in from any. I believe it was UDP anyways. I did that and my internet works fine but p2p programs like emule, gigatribe, and utorrent didn’t connect.

I have those programs in my Application Rules to allow all incoming and outgoing request. I thought that application rules were observed first and then Global Rules?

I’m basically getting myself confused, lol. I’m not very knowledgeable about Firewalls.

On these pages you should be able to find the needed help:

You can make the applications trusted or make custom rules.

I do have application rules. Emule, Gigatribe, and uTorrent are all set as trusted applications.

I created a global rule under the block ICMP In Rule which caused these programs to not connect.

My question is does application rules get observed before global rules?

If so, what global rule can I setup to better protect my security?

Application Rules are observed first on outgoing connections.
Incoming connections Global rules are observed first.

eMule and utorrent should not be set as “Trusted Apps”

eMule rules

utorrent rules

I use those settings.

You should also go to
Firewall → Stealth Ports Wizard
and check the 2nd option (… on a per case basis…)

Then go to
and make the tests to see if your ports are stealthed

Dennis, Thank you for explaining that to me.

Firstly, I checked the Shields Up! site and I passed trustealth analysis.
Secondly, I selected 2nd option in the stealth port wizard.
Thirdly, I changed emule and utorrent accordingly.
Hopefully these comodo settings are still valid since it’s been over a year since they’ve been posted.


i am new to comodo and i am trying to learn about comodo firewall and also setting it up for good security
i am using emule with it and i currently have it configured according to:,14735.0.html

I noticed that you had wrote:

eMule and utorrent should not be set as “Trusted Apps”

i got a little worried and was wondering can emule not be trusted as an app?

can you explain?