Adding folders & registrys of ftp,msn,browser,mail,..

Hi, i saw this in KIS 2010: It is protecting registrys and folders of Firefox,Thunderbird,MSN,Filezilla and some other programs. From how i understood it, it protects the files/registrys which contain the passwords and logins and only allows specific programs (or propably all trusted ones) to acces those file/registrys.

Is the same thing possible with CIS and if yes, how? :slight_smile:

I would like to secure my password of (win7 x64):
Windows Live Messenger


@edit: i tried to add the “Hosts” file but i´m still able to edit the file with notepad or wordpad without a warning… followed the guide from the help button :o

and i think the problem isnt modifying but just reading the files&registrys which contain the passwords?

You can add the folders or files that hold the passwords to the My Protected Files like under Defense + → Computer Security Policy.

[at]edit: i tried to add the "Hosts" file but i´m still able to edit the file with notepad or wordpad without a warning.. followed the guide from the help button
In short. CIS is the nanny of program behaviour. Not of user behaviour. CIS allows the user to do these things at his own discretion.

Okay so i still ahve a “strange” problem when adding smth… first of, i cant create customs grups (they wont show up if i click “groups” and add one"… same goes for adding an app which i do inside the “groups” window). Second, if i add an app (HOSTS file in the example video) it shows at the very bottom and without a group at all. Is it just fine how i did in the video?

Also: will CIS keep other programs(apps without trusted as rule) away from reading & adding & modifiing files of folders which i add?

If yes, i could add the whole “windows” & “user” directory since those are the the folders were most trojaners create there files? or will it slow down the system/comodo when adding such big folders?

And finally: anybody knows where windows live messenger, filezilla, thunderbird, teamviewer, skype, pidgin and steam are saving its passwords? i know the file for firefox (its some key.db file if i remember correctly).

thanks :slight_smile:

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I see you want to add a file in an existing group. Catch is here you need to first use the Group button on the right hand side. Then you can edit an existing group to add a file to it. It is a not a very intuitive method.

The Windows folder is already part of the protected files and folders. Look for %windir%| in the list of protected files and folders. Notice that that means that the hosts file is already protected.

So would that work now? it looks kinda strange since its not in a group, but it should work like this?

that would already save some files/directoriries (firefox,thunderbird,filezilla,…)

Anything else i should add?
thanks :slight_smile:


[at]edit: this is how it looks now: