Adding Croatian / Bosnian laungage board on forum


Is it possible to add Bosnian / Croatian laungage board on forum ? That would be great for others who don’t understand / know English.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:

Please post the title you wish for the board ‘Example International Comodo Forums Russian board’ ie:- “По-русски / Russian”

Thank you


Bosnian / Bosanski :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile:

Bosnian / Bosanski

Thanks,it’s very appreciated :slight_smile:


just a little tip, Bosnian and Croatian are NOT the same.
If you add Bosnian you should also add Croatian (Hrvatski)…


Yeah, as a native speaker of Croatian myself, I completely agree. Actually, I just remembered that on there’s a single support board for Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian language, so that’s an ineteresting approach.


I am also a native speaker of Croatian, that is why I posted that, but I didn’t speak Croatian for many years now, I wonder if I can still can do it…
I also think that the SMF approach is the right way…


Just do a Serbo-Bosno-Croat language board. I understand they are different languages but all three are understood by speakers of each one.

That is not completely true, most of the word are understood by all three but not all of them, these are still three different languages and should have their own boards…