Adding browsers to the widget.Help please.?

Im currently using comodo dragon and cyberfox browsers.
I use dragon mainly for more specific tasks and cyberfox for general browsing.
I dont know how to add cyberfox to the browser pane in the widget.
Any help please.?

It should Be detected by comodo. YOu should ask if Comodo Detects the cyberfox browsers. You could try a reinstall. But I am sure you don’t want to loose saved things on your cyberfox browser. You may want to ask a moderator.

Yes this needs to be cleared up. there’s the IRON Browser, Waterfox, Cyberfox, Etc…
CIS most likely doesn’t detect all of these browsers.

I will try to find out more about this from staff, I presumed it found all installed browsers. :-
It might not find portable versions.
Edit: I have PMed a Comodo staff member for more information about adding/removing browsers from the widget.

I’m not sure, but does there have to be a shortcut on the desktop perhaps? ???

I am not sure Chiron, because I have no browser desktop shortcuts and CD, CID,and IE still show in the widget.

My guess would be the registry. If you take something like portable firefox, run it then reboot, nothing happens. If you the application the default and reboot, it’s added to the widget. If you then remove entries added to the registry and reboot, firefox is removed from the widget. You just have to work out which keys are needed.

That definitely makes sense. A portable browser isn’t actually installed so probably won’t be detected.

The registry key that appears to be responsible for adding and removing a browser to/from the widget is:


Thank you everyone for the replies.Cyberfox does appear in the kiosk.Would be nice to have the icon within the widget pane.
Its not a major issue i can simply right click and sandbox the browser that way.I wish comodo dragon had the noscript extension as this is the main reason i use cyberfox for that addon alone.
Thanks again.

Hi Mrarnold,
You could Create a virtual desktop shortcut, see step 2 in the link.

I just backed up and removed browser entries from the mentioned location along with any other shortcuts I could find, rebooted and they still appeared on the widget. :cry:
I haven’t had a response from staff as of yet.

I stuck with waterfox for the same reason - NoScript
since CIS 6.x’s release I started using chrome with ScriptSafe
I first looked at ScriptSafe over 2 years ago and wasn’t too impressed, NoScript is a hard act to follow
Now IMO ScriptSafe has really matured and ticks all the boxes - it’s actively developed and is intuitive and logical to use.
One big test for me was Panopticlick - no ScriptSafe my browser appears unique even with a modified user agent - with ScriptSafe only 1 in 80’000 has the same fingerprint as me - pretty good.
I would defiantly recommend trying ScriptSafe out… you never know :smiley:

Which browser are you looking at Captain?

I just tested the Comodo browsers, I didn’t try it with IE (No others installed or showing).
I personally do not want them removed, I was just experimenting to learn how.

It appears with Comodo browsers it’s also necessary to remove:


This is on an x64 based PC, the path may be different on x86. Unfortunately, I don’t have one to test right now, but I’ll take a look later.

Don’t forget you need to restart.

One thing I’ve just noticed, which is a bit odd, is that if you remove the entries under:


and for Comodo browsers:


If a new browser is added, some of the entries above are recreated and the browsers are re-added to the widget. I have no idea why adding Opera should recreate the ComodoGroup key ???

Edit: Just a reminder, if you set a browser as the default, it will be added to the widget.

Hi Radaghast,
It appears to be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup with a 32-bit system.
Removing Comodo browser keys from here removes it from the widget.
The downside to removing the IceDragon key from this location is, the installed version now shows as the portable version until the key is restored.
This is not an ultimate fix.

Thanks for the information regarding the x86 path. One thing to remember, even though it has the ‘portable’ label, it’s actually still the installed version. However, I think it we’ll have to leave it up to Comodo to give us the definitive add/remove feature, which is the most sensible way forward really. Still, the aforementioned can be used a s a quick and dirty fix, at lease for now.

I will take another look, see if there’s a better way…

Thanks Radaghast,
Thanks for looking into this, I restored the removed keys and everything is back to normal.
I agree the registry edits are a bit rugged around the edges, let us hope the options get added to the GUI configuration settings. :slight_smile: