Adding BOClean to CIS

Early December 2008,
I read that BOClean will be included in the new CIS.

Any comments on
-When BOClean is going to be part of CIS? -

At least I can tell you that moderators have no further info. (:TNG)

I think there are still a few (I mean a few as in 3 rather than 6) months left, but having this confirmed by e.g. Melih or any other Comodo staff would be nice. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’d be nice to get a rough idea since so many folks are asking the question here and on Wilders etc. :■■■■

I think it would be wiser keep it quit until it’s basically ready for release (or beta), or else we’ll get another “Waiting for CIS BETA BO-Clean” thread. (:LGH)

My sources on the inside said that the “CIS+Boclean” version will be released on Arbitrary 1st, 2009.


Am I the only one that loves those ‘waiting for’ threads? (:TNG)

This is what Kev said about it :

Heh. I really can't at this time as it's still in flux and I don't have all the answers ... about all I can say is "stay tuned" ... once we know, I'm sure there will be details announced in that subforum. From what I've seen though now that CIMA is up and running, going to be mighty impressive. Smiley

From here :;msg239909#msg239909

Greetz, Red.

Quote from: RejZoR on January 18, 2009, 01:00:10 PM Melih, i still have two questions. Will there be option to disable packer detection separately from (Off,Low,Medium and High levels)? I really don't like packer alone to define something as malware or not.

Also, will actual CIMA heuristics and BoClean end up in this version of CIS when it goes final or in some other upcoming program update?

Reply #159 on: January 18, 2009, 02:59:42 PM
pls put this request about ability to disable packer detection into wishlist. So far we had no reason to do it, hence my request for you to put this in the wishlist.

Next version of the AV (not this current one) will have CIMA like heuristic and boclean.


Since this quote and response was taken from Page 11 of the Beta Corner - CIS /COMODO Internet Security 3.5.61373.458 BETA Released! forum topic, I infer that Melih was talking about BOClean being in the second CIS public release version after the current CIS version 3.5.57173.439. I have asked the question on the other forum to find out for sure.

Melih has confirmed that this is correct: He states "will be in the subsequent version AFTER the public release of the current CIS Beta.

however, it won’t be the current boclean code, but a totally rewritten memory scanner that doesn’t take up any resources at all…"

Thnx for the info :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

And that rewritten memory scanner will have BOSignatures.


I find the ‘no resources’ part quite amazing personally.

How does it work? It can’t be possible for it to use no resources.

Yes I’d like to know that too ???

He probably means that they plan to improve the memory usage so much in every aspect of CIS that it will run as fast with boclean as previous versions did without. Therefore no memory usage increase. Thats my guess.

Or maby they make it even faster than previous versions! (as they had done with this new beta while including new futures, new futures usually means a memory increase! But not the latest CIS beta…) (:LOV) (:LOV)

I think he means you won’t even notice that it’s integrated and running in CIS b/c it will have such low resources.


What Melih means is that speed and efficiency will still be improved while reducing RAM., Even when the AV was Added in September last year… you noticed no slow down what so ever, and actually increased speed & efficiency while reducing RAM… Now with Memory Firewall, Heuristics, New Network stack, etc in the 3.8x BETA - RAM, etc was also improves further. I find that Amazing, To reduce RAM while adding stuff. Same thing will be with The Memory Scanner.

CIS don’t use RAM unless when needed you see. You browse internet with zero alerts and RAM remains low, when something is prevented/detected yes RAM will be increased slightly.


Thanks for that,I thought Melih must have been referring to the overall footprint,which as you say is remarkably light in CIS.