Adding an unsigned trusted application

How do I get Comodo’s firewall to accept an unsigned application as Trusted. been running The Master Genealogist by Wholly Genes for years with no problems but now every time I want to check for updates or use other internet access through the program, I get a popup to allow or block. Can you help.

Probably a dumb question, but did you click the check box that says, “remember my answer” on the popup?

Yes, I did. I want this app as a trusted app in the Firewall list under trusted apps. Is taht possible?

Sure. You can modify the existing rule. Go to the firewall tab, click on advanced in the left pane, then network security policy. Find the application and edit it to treat as trusted application.

Or if you prefer, delete the existing rule and click on Define a New Trusted Application in the common tasks section of the firewall tab. Then browse to the application.