Adding a watch facility for a particular process and storing associated data

Suppose that I install an application (e.g. mySQL), which listens on a particular port (e.g. 3306). It would be useful to be able to add a watch to a particular application, so that all the data that appears in

Firewall->Common Tasks->View Active Connections

in this relation to this application is stored for each and every session, in some log file.

Then at the end of the week I could look at this log file and see all the bytes in and bytes out performed by mySQL for the various sessions over the week.


I agree, if you have ever used “GhostSurf” it has a “Traffic through GhostSurf” feature that does just that. It shows an isolated track of just the usage through the proxy which you can see.


May be make it a filter in the advanced log section.