Adding a Trusted File BY NAME

If I’m not mistaken, in CIS v5 it was possible to add an entry to the Trusted File list by name, so that one wouldn’t have to re-add it each time the file is changed.

This is quite important if you’re developing a program, as each time you make a change, you have to manipulate the TF list, which is quite a few steps, especially in the V6 GUI.

I see no equivalent in V6. Am I missing it?

Thanks for any input.

Does giving the compiler the Windows System Application policy work here? Usually we advice the Installer/Updater policy but that seems broken atm.

Also make sure that the rule for your compiler is placed somewhere above the “All Applications” rule if the “All Applications” rule is present.

Hi Eric,

It’s not the compiler that’s the problem. It’s the compiled program itself, which is taken to be a new program each time I recompile it. This is fair enough, but adding to the TFL BY NAME got around this in V5. Now every time I recompile and execute, the program ends up in the Unrecognised Files list, from which I move it to the TFL, and then it works.

Thanks for looking.

Edit: I “discovered” that I can evade the problem by disabling the Behavior Blocker while I’m testing. It’s a reasonable solution - certainly better than nothing… :slight_smile:

You can add the executable to the Exceptions of behaviour blocking. That will do the trick. It will disable the hash check.

Ahhh, excellent! Didn’t see that.

Thanks very much.