Adding a Security Measure to Verification Engine

Melih, Saw this on Windows Secrets and thought it might be an interesting read for many.

Several months ago I suggested that besides site scanning I wondered if it would be possible to hover over links on a site and get a reading if the link was taking you to what it says and if there were any security conncerns.

This was a preventive measure for Link HiJacking that is taking place on popular sites.


we are working on some very substantial projects…

watch this space…



Very Interesting, Inspiring, and stirring of Inquisitiveness your word “substantial” excites :THNK

A product like the Verification Engine does not need updates that often, but to statisfy users that would like to know that it still active and not growing stagnent at its young age,
could performance and bug fixes be included in an update every 4-6 months if not more often.

Hoped the idea of hovering over a link before clicking or right clicking on a link might be in a future update.