Adding a new search engine [solved]

I went into Settings to add a new search engine. I added the search engine which is down in the area called “Other search engines.”

When I hover over it, the “Make default” button does not appear. All suggestions appreciated!

What is the Search engine you wish to use?

Then I will try and help, since I know how to set up duckduckgo and startpage.


Thanks Nige_39. It’s duckduckgo.

Can you try this one ?

Thank you very much yigido and Nige! I just got it working. I had not copied in the full URL and so it was not giving me the “Make default” button.

As soon as I did it, I got the button and was able to make it the default.

The complete URL I enetered to make it work was:

%s at DuckDuckGo