Adding a folder to the firewall

Just upgraded to 6.2.x (free version), been using v5 for the past year. Typically I would go through and add in exe files I want to limit access for or wait for a pop-up, but, having just wiped the computer out and starting over, I’d rather just add a folder and have the rule apply to all subfolders/files.

Is there a way to add a folder and simply tell the firewall to block outbound network traffic?

I found a few older posts, some mention Defence+ but, I guess some stuff has changed because I usually get half through following the direction and find that features/tabs aren’t there that I need.

I have very basic firewall skills so, looking for a dummies version of what to do…

Anyone have a quick how-to?

With default settings D+ is now disabled. Proactive Security configuration has D+ enabled.

To add a folder make a rule and select a file in the designated folder. Then in the Name field remove the file name leaving the path to the folder only. Then tell it to use the Blocked Application policy. I never tried this but it looks like it may work.

Thanks for the reply, but I finally gave up. Didn’t like v6 as much as v5… looks nicer but found it to be less intuitive. Grabbed a copy of v5 and stuck with what I knew instead. :smiley: