Addendum to Comodo Loopback Connection,6591.0.html

I wasn’t able to edit/add other details that may help to shed a bit more light on this thread because it’s locked.

Hind sight can be much clearer! Although in the future I intend to tick the Skip Loopback TCP, there are extenuating circumstances I thought best to report here.

COMODO may trigger XPCOM: Event Receiver, but other things were happening that should be noted. Windows Explorer was crashing, & in addition to explorer.exe errors, svhost.exe was acting out as well. Then firefox.exe continued to run & XPCOM:Event Receiver was generated. The grand finale was a BSOD Kernal_Stage_Inpage_Error.

It’s my belief there’s more to the picture than a COMODO related interaction.

I really believe in promoting known issues. It’s a sign to me that the manufacturer is forthright, which inspires trust, loyalty, & empowers us to problem solve & make knowledgeable choices.

I have contempt for sweeping issues under the rug, dishonest or ludicrous marketing strategies that are employed by companies, particularly when it comes to security products. Thank you COMODO for not belonging to that group! Thank you for caring about us!


TNX for the update/followup, Michelle.

If I remember correctly, weren’t you also dealing with some nasty virus stuff at one point, too? If so, I hope you got all that cleared up; that’s a pain in the rear, I know…


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