Added to archive the files does not appear in the Backup Destination" in

Comodo Backup

From the “What to Back” everything displays fine.
I added files batoutlook.ldif and BICDU_20131217.rar and clicked “NEXT”. But in the window “Backup Destination” I did not see these files.
I attach the log file.

[attachment deleted by admin]

“Backup Destination” is supposed to show directory structure as it is on disk, not what you selected in backup step 1.
Once you run the backup with the new files, they will be visible in “Backup Destination” (I assume you are using “simple copy” backup format).


Yes, You are right. So everything works (Yes, I use a simple copy).

But it means that without archiving it is impossible to retain what you want to back up ?
In my opinion, it would be better if you could save the backed up files and directories without immediate backup.

Do you mean that you want to save the backup settings so you don’t have to re-define them with each run? If yes, you can save the backup job as profile or schedule. Or you can export it as a script file.


I agree that such options are possible. Thank you.