Added Search Engines Don't Stay


I’ve recently begun using CD and like it a lot ! But one thing that’s annoying is the fact that I have added both Startpage and DuckDuckGo to the search engine list several times over the past few days (and made DDG the default each time), but the following day when I do a search it turns out to be a Google search ! So, I go check the search engine list only to find that DDG and SP are no longer even there !

I admit to using CCleaner several times over the past few days as well. But I’m not sure if that could even eliminate search engines from Comodo’s list. (I did manually add the information to have CCleaner clean CD and also made sure to tell CCleaner to leave DDG and Startpage cookies alone.)

I’m not sure what’s causing this issue. ???

Btw, I’m using Windows 7 64-bit.

Thanks for any assistance ! :slight_smile:

Okay, I found the problem. It’s CCleaner. It’s only when I run that program that CD’s added search engines disappear and default once again to Google.

Here’s the winapp2.ini file I added to CCleaner (according to instructions from another post at this site) to get it to clean CD:

[Comodo Dragon - Cache] Section=Comodo Dragon LangRef=Cache DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\Comodo\Dragon\dragon.exe Default=True FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default\Cache|*.*

[Comodo Dragon - Cookies]
Section=Comodo Dragon
FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default|Cookies

[Comodo Dragon - History]
Section=Comodo Dragon
FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default|History
FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default|Thumbnails
FileKey3=%LocalAppData%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default|Visited Links
FileKey4=%LocalAppData%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default|*Tabs

[Comodo Dragon - Form Data]
Section=Comodo Dragon
LangRef=Form Data
FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default|Web Data

[Comodo Dragon - Session]
Section=Comodo Dragon
FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default|*Session

As it is, CCleaner’s cleaning of CD is fine, except for its messing with the search engines. Is there any way to modify the above file to get it to clean everything I want in CD without removing the added search engines ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

usually ccleaner recognizes dragon as google chrome. does google chrome show up under the applications list of ccleaner?

Hi, wasgij6

Thanks for the reply.

Well, yes, it does. But I didn’t pay attention to it, because it was there for some months now (long before I started using CD).

Background: At one time I had used Iron as my main browser and a post at their forums showed how to add Iron to CCleaner, similar to the one I quoted above from this forum. Well, somewhere along the way – I guess in conjunction with one of CCleaner’s updates – Chrome got added to the list of applications. I thought it was because early last year I installed some software and accidentally allowed Chrome to be installed, too. I uninstalled Chrome right away (since I already had Iron) and only later noticed that Chrome was included in CCleaner’s list. I just thought CCleaner was just having trouble removing Chrome from the list.

But based on what you said above, regardless of why Chrome was listed as a CCleaner application before, it’s likely that it’s there now because I have CD. Also, based on your comment, I’ve just now looked and found some other threads here saying that CCleaner supports CD but may show up as “Chrome.” That’s good to know ! :slight_smile:

Also, I just removed the winapp2 file I previously created, uninstalled CCleaner, re-installed it, and ran it with Chrome’s information selected. My search engines are no longer missing :-TU but CCleaner didn’t seem to delete CD’s cookies either ! :-TD So there are maybe some issues to be resolved there. ???

Anyway, thanks for the hint of what my problem was.