Added engine BitDefender

As we know that the best engine to detect viruses is
Proof that most companies are using protection such as
It’s more than 22 companies use the BitDefender engine protection
So why do not you use BitDefender engine

I see no reason for this. For a product like CIS detection is only the last line of protection. Thus, I see no reason to invest money into leasing the BitDefender engine.

Reduces false alerts Comodo
Increases scnnercloud ability

no need that I think…'cause Bitdefender gives the signatures “maybe after 1 month” to the other AV which uses Bitdefender engine 88) if you complain about FP ? dont worry Comodo team on it :-TU

One day malware writers will try their best to bypass BitDefender signatures detection system, all these 22 followers will have to pay ;D … More seriously, I am totally against that. There is clearly no need to use power of another engine, when you have the ability to do same.

I am against,too :-TU Comodo have ability to improve own engine :wink: maybe one day, Bitdefender wants to get Comodo engine 88)

+1. Second AV engine? This goes against the idea of DD.

I examine samples(zero day) of the virus maybe every week 2000 virus
The best discovery are BitDefender and kaspersky ’

Detection is only a part of security process.
Best prevention by far = Comodo (default deny)
No more to be said that hasn’t been said already here :wink:

Question is, if the engine BitDefender has been added Comodo will become stronger


Sure if you have any double AV engine it will be stronger in detection but this don’t mean it’s a better overall protection esp when it comes down to CIS using DD.

Well, adding it would improve detection somewhat that is certainly true.

However, adding it would not improve protection. Even those malware samples not detected by Comodo AV will be prevented from harming the system by the sandbox in CIS. Thus, you are already protected from them without the addition of the BitDefender engine.

But SANDBOX does not provide protection and can be easily overcome by the files BAT

Please post a link to this. If there is a vulnerability I want to make sure it’s being looked into.


I am a member of a forum for security, protection, and forum members are making viruses to test protection programs, including Comodo, but every time you fail to respond toBAT Files
And is exceeded SANDBOX
I hope to fix this problem and Report program developers

Please create a formatted bug report for this in this section of the forum. Also, read through this post and be sure to use the required format and provide all required information.


Does the program developers read the threads in the forum

Most likely they do, but I don’t think that buying an antivirus engine should be their priority :-TU hopefully