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As we know the risk of many Web is one of the most main reasons for the spread of viruses why Nqzi not on that gap and add a new layer of protection
Such as NOD23 , BitDefender,KASPERSKY AND AVAST

As you know that the a DNS property is property feasible
The picture shows Malk

It will take up more resources = Not the idea behind CAV.

CIS scans and if it gets detected it will be deleted, furthermore CIS offers a DNS protection. What’s important is that the malware doesn’t change important value and that it’s running in memory.

Webfilter is a great way to block malicious domain distributing repacked malware every 5 minutes btw.

When Links bomb experience zero day was nod 32, kaspersky and BitDefender and bullgurad in the vanguard

But Comodo did not reveal links 2 out of 10
But nod 32 discovered the sample 8

comodo dns is not so powerful to block malicious websites

I think that rather than add a web-shield they should put more resources into improving Comodo DNS.

+1 agree

Compared to DNS, WebShield will be used by many i.e majority.

They were planning of toolbar or addon, etc…, what happened to that? Did they cancelled the plan? Melih had mentioned in one of the threads that they are planning something like toolbar, addon, etc… for WebInspector.

Hi Spywar. Could you explain exactly how webfilter works so that people (me included!) know what they are voting on.

Phishing protection, what about that? It’s important.

For me blocking phishing sites is important. I’m not worried about malicious URL’s, I have CIS. :wink:

Yep, I could not say better than that :wink:

And this is why CIS is wonderful, doesn’t hang my system for nonsense scan. For me web shield is pointless it doesn’t bring more security(IMHO). CIS is perfect, and keep in mind is free. So far I can say my overall performance is better than with any other av(avast free, avira free, avg free, 360 internet security, etc.).

Phishing protection yes but that can be achieved in many ways (non totally satisfactory). So I agree Chiron.

But I still don’t understand what a web filter is and how it differs from DNS-based blacklisting