Add Vulnerability Analyzer To CIS

How about integrating “COMODO Vulnerability Analyzer” into COMODO Internet Security?

would be a great idea except CVA isnt being developed anymore

thats great idea… :-TU

…cool idea :-TU

+1 :-TU



Sorry for being against this idea.
It would start a similar path as Norton and its SCAREWARE campaign:

True that Norton want to charge and scares customers, in order for them to sell the product that will correct the PC scan results of NSS. And True that COMODO doesnt charge to its customer for security (CIS Premium).

But we have to face that there are still lots of people that dont understand how CIS works and how to manage (due to UI problems, and others). Adding such feature would make CIS even more complicated for this users.

I guess CIS is very strong in security now, and COMODO should start looking forward in improving the Usability even further.

Just my opinion.