Add Virtual Desktop to tray menu

It would be nice if Virtual Desktop was accessible directly through the trey icon right click menu. So you can quickly open it up for online banking. Now you have too first open main GUI and then open it up.

Minor typo fix in title. Eric

I think you can create a shortcut on the desktop.

You can open the Virtual Desktop from the widget. :slight_smile:

Do the recommendations provided by Siketa and ad18 essentially fulfill this wish?


Correct and pinned to the ‘Windows Taskbar’ or ‘Start Menu’ if so desired. :slight_smile:

I don’t like normal shortcuts or pinned icons and i don’t like the widget either. Why have additional icons if it could be availabl within existing menu?

Okay, in that case this can be put into consideration for voting. However, before that can happen please edit your first post so that it is in the simple format (very simple) found here. This format is required so that users can easily move between Wish Requests. It also lays out the rationale for the wish in a very logical way, so that other users can easily judge their personal value for the change.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


A “special” format for wishes? Seriously?

Quite easier for QA/devs to understand via tracker rapidly what the bug/wish is about…

Exactly. It also makes it easier for other forum members to easily understand what the wish is about. Also, it really is a simple format.

Rezor, if you have any questions about it please feel free to ask. I can help.


That is fair enough, I understand. :slight_smile:

I am afraid so, yes.
What is so wrong with following general procedures, seriously?


Because it makes zero sense. You have a wish, you write it down, devs read it as it is and implement it. How hard can it be?! You don’t need a special bloody format to understand it…

Please read here for an explanation of how the Wish Board now works.

Obviously harder than that.
It is not a matter of whether or not the Devs can understand it, they first need to consider if the wish is popular enough among the community.
One user request will net zero results, but if the wish is notably popular only then will it be considered.
Not every wish will be implemented or even considered, just because one user requests it.
It is not rocket science.


It’s a practical feature much more useful than the stupid widget thingie. And Comodo forums can’t possibly define the need or wishes of entire world userbase. So saying it needs consideration/show interest from other users is just BS. Anyone who does online banking would want that in trey icon menu for quick access. So, try and count the number of such users in a theoreical fashion and you’ll see how many users would be able to use it more often…

You are entitled to have your opinion but your attitude is ‘do it my way or no way’, well that is not the way it works here.

No the Forum may not be an accurate count, but it is surely closer to being able to show the requirements of the general users than that of one user.
Imagine if every single request was fulfilled just because that is what one user desired to have.

I have personally seen enough now and in the past of your rebellious behaviour towards following simple procedures.
Simply if your request is important enough to you for it to be implemented, follow the format and give it the best chance.

Any further discussion in regards to this OT matter should be done via ■■■.
Thank you.
How to appeal against Moderators decisions

As this Wish Request has been inactive for a time, and does not have a formatted first post, I will move this report to Rejected. However, if anyone would like they should feel free to make a new formatted Wish Request for the same feature. This can then be moved to the Waiting Area for voting.


You ppl got to be kidding me with your insane obsession with formats. If it’s not to the ■■■■ format to the letter, it will get rejected. What kind of crazy attitude is that!? Seriously!? You’ll reject perfectly valid, understandable and useful features just because they aren’t in some silly format. Jesus…

The idea is that users, and the devs, should be able to easily understand the wish. That means separating what is currently seen, what you would like to see, and your rationale for that. If it is separated, as it is with this format, that makes it very easy for the other forum members to understand. With this format I have not found users who have had a problem understanding wishes. They are able to easily understand them, and therefore vote accordingly.

I hope you understand.