add Verification Engine to CIS

add Verification Engine to CIS, is this a good idea, right? :BNC

No, not really. VE is a browser plugin which verifies the site as not a phishing site (i.e. CitiBank site would actually be Citibank, not a forged copy)

it would be good if added.l 1 item will be less in the taskbar. according to me the primary (must have) real time security software are firewall, antivirus, antispyware, hips and antiphishing and id protection. cis now includes firewall, antivirus and hips and boclean is going to be included soon so with the inclusion of vengine (antiphishing and id protection) cis will be packed with the powerful primary (as i said must have) real time security software. they can later include the revised version of ivault too in an innovative way for added protection in cis. in this way we will have just 1 icon in the taskbar for all our primary security i.e cis. with fewer items in the taskbar the taskbar looks kool too and i guess the comp loads lil fast too, right guyz…!!


The file found in your tray is just the updater for VE. You can disable that from starting and still have VE protection (as I said, it is a browser plugin).

ohh really!! if its just the updater then why its in the taskbar coz i never got an update message. everytime there is a new version i have to download it then uninstall and reinstall. neither there is an option to manually check for update.

No. Stop bundling everything! Will make your software bloated

+1 :-TU

:-TU :-TU :-TU

Do you even understand what Verification Engine is? This must be used as a browser plug-in to function. You cannot integrate this into CIS and expect it to work.

Well I found it a great Idea even if it’s not possible “jet”.