Add vendors without digital signature to trusted vendor list as option.

not all files have digital signature, but have clear vendor. No virus i’ve seen have vendor :-))). So I supply to have possible to add vendors without digital signature as option to trusted vendor list. Thanks.

Digitally signed files cannot be modified without invalidating the digital signature seal.

This imply that it would be possible to confirm that nobody altered the vendor name of a digitally signed file, though for authentication purposes the vendor name specified in the certificate would be enough without any need to read the vendor name eventually specified in the sealed/signed executable.

Though you didn’t see a virus with a vendor info, this does not mean that some malware mightabuse a legitimate vendor name to fool the users as indeed would be trivial for those criminals to use whatever vendor name they like, even Microsoft Corporation.

Using vendor names of unsigned executables to enable safelisting would be way too dangerous thing to wish for. :-TD

Fully agree. These viruses will appear soon after such option enabled. So may be as option it would be useful, but in long perespective it would be bad at all. Thanks.