"Add to My Pending Files" option for AV detections

In both the Antivirus Alert pop-up and the manual scanner results, sometimes the user isn’t sure what action to take, or the user doesn’t have time right now to investigate. In such cases, the user would like to move the file to My Pending Files, so the file is treated as unsafe until the user makes a decision. This is especially useful when using Clean PC mode and the AV detects malware in existing files. Today, the user can go the menu for My Pending Files and add the suspect file, but it would be more convenient to move it from the AV detection window, which encourages more submissions to Comodo. Once the file is in My Pending Files, the user can lookup more info from Comodo to help with the decision, or the user can submit it to Comodo while treating it as unsafe until a result comes back later.

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