add the Web Submiting of FP and Malware in a GUI

it would be nice to have a forum that in the CIS4 GUI to submit though the interface, just the online.

I am not exactly sure what you mean.

Are you asking for a link in the CIS interface that will open a webpage where you can submit a false positive?

There is already a webpage that is specifically designed for submitting a false positive: Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis. The link to this webpage is posted in the forums (see this post), but the link is not present in the CIS interface.

You can also submit a false positive through the CIS interface using the “submit files” option under the Antivirus tab. Select the file, then click the “submit as” button at the bottom right of the window, and then select “false positive”. (see pic).

So, currrently there are several ways to submit a false positive:
[ol]- Through the CIS interface using “submit files”. (you can submit a file from quarantine, but you cannot designate it as a false positive).

  • Using the Comodo submit webpage.
  • Using the Comodo forums.
  • By e-mail —> Compress the false positive file using an archive tool (such as winzip,winrar, etc). Protect the file using the password ‘infected’ (without the quotes) and email it to falsepositive[at] Use the title “FALSE POSITIVE” on the subject line of the e-mail. If possible, please include the name and ID of the malware that was falsely detected [for example, BACKDOOR.WIN32.XXXXX.XX (ID = XXXXXX)]. Attaching a screen shot would be very helpful.[/ol]

Please correct me if I misinterpreted your suggestion.

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oh i see, get i missed that.

then answer me this, how come it takes forever if at all when you use that feature but when you do it online either forum or website the FP gets fixed soon. but not if you use the GUI?

A developer should probably address that question.
I did not noticed a difference, but I do not submit many false positive reports (mainly because I experience few false positives).

If your false positive has not been fixed within 48 hours (regardless of how you submitted it), then you should post a notification here: unfixed FP’s.