add the functionality of the next gen firewall

but still show the address, protocol and port column for advanced users

Interesting. here is description link in text instead of video.

Comparison between sonicwall and cicso firewall.

Can you Please explain exactly what functionality do you want ? since its very confusing to decide what exactly do you mean by next gen firewall

just like from the links and the video in the link. Also trscsaeg did not mention what he really wants. but it is pretty understandable. Firewall maker from Comodo should know as well.

SonicWall E-Class Network Security Appliance (NSA) Series are Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW). They offer integrated Applications Identification and Control, Antivirus Inspection, Content Filtering, IPS, Encrypted Traffic Inspection(like HTTPS), URL filtering or Geo-IP filtering service.
he SonicWall NGFW uses a centric logic in creating filtering policies, user based policies rather than IP address based ones. Focuses on applications and applications’ features granular control meaningless of port and protocol, out-of-the-box many applications being supported(custom control is also present); for example can differentiate between streaming video types like YouTube and Business Video Conference or block file transfers from IM.
Decrypts and inspects encrypted traffic(like HTTPS).
Multi-core Performance Architecture
Unified Threat Management Security Platform
Deployment Flexibility
Application Intelligence and Custom Control
Dynamic Protection

WOW ! That is indeed new functionality but i wonder if comodo would be able to integrate all of this in the firewall
Has anyone used it or can conform its effectiveness ?

i don’t fully understand what this is all i know is it offers more control for what goes on and what doesn’t. i just brought it to comodo’s attention and asked for them to add more control as this sonic firewall does. i leave it up to them to look into and find what they think will be useful as i am not knowledgeable with firewalls but i wasn’t going to let my lack of knowledge stop me from bringing this to the attention of comodo and forum members so that more knowledgeable people can pick through it