Add "Terminate Process" to the "View Processes List"


I suggest adding “Terminate Process” or “Kill Process” to the context menu in “View Processes List” - I made a simple mock-up which my suggestion is the red text in the context menu.

Sanya IV Litvyak

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It’d be lovely to have Process Explorer type detail in there too.
Dunno if Microsoft has an API for that or how the licensing would work, but I think it’d be appreciated by the tech savvy CIS users.

Yes :-TU

Also… does it make sense to “terminate” a DLL? I think of those as being collections of subroutines processes can call.

Does showing a DLL in the process list mean that the process is current executing a subroutine from that DLL? Or that that the DLL’s just imported/referenced by the process? Seems like there’d be a lot of DLLs listed for each process if it’s listing all of the ones imported/referenced.

Oh… I just realized I checked the context menu of a .dll in the image, that wasn’t intentional but it shows the same context menu so it doesn’t really matter I don’t think.

Regarding the DLL questions above: Shrugs Iunno… ;D

Good idea Sanya. :-TU I don’t like opening KillSwitch when the process list should have a kill process feature.