Add some functions of CCE in CIS

As all know CCE is the best tool for cleaning infected computers and CIS is the best in protecting Clean computers so why not include CCE in CIS so that CIS can be made more stronger and powerful and can be installed n infected computer as well ?

CCE contains a “Smart scan” option which is fast and lacked by CIS instead CIS has useless “spyware scan” and “Critical area scan” why not put both into one single “smart scan”

CCE contains “Autorun Analyzer” which is the best tool for Detecting problems Which CIS doesn’t have

CCE contains “Killswitch” Which is one of the best tool for Controlling and detecting whats going on in a computer which again is lacked by CIS

Screenshots below for those who dont know about CCE and and its tools
Sorry if this has been posted before i could’nt find one so posted one with a poll please share your opinions

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Comodo has already expressed it’s interest to maybe do some or all of this in v6 via the Official Facebook Page they have. They’ve got a poll to see how much interest there is, although I agree that will not show the true figure as most users don’t use the forum or FB fanpage, they just download and use.

Well done on creating the thread though, hope to see some interesting discussing on this matter.

Perfect idea !

Especially “Autorun Analyzer” and “Smart Scan”

+100 :-TU