Add "Scan with Comodo Antivirus" file/folder in the rightclick context menu

Add “Scan with Comodo Antivirus” file/folder in the rightclick context menu


Already added :slight_smile:


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Evidently this will not be added if you updated from CFP. You need to do a uninstall and new install of CIS.



alright i will uninstall / reinstall…

would be great to know when a specific update need a complete uninstall / reinstall since from what i understand auto update are not complete… (:SAD)

Edit : without uninstalling/resintalling i checked with Windows explorer and I already have this option… but the problem is that i never use Windows Explorer… i use a file manager from a third party tool “Servant Salamander”… and when i right click this is not listed… i think you can fix that if u change ur method to add this option in the context menu… for most software i have no trouble (7-Zip, VLC Player, Tag&Rename,…) but for some rare products it doesnt work (i.e. : Better File Rename)