add Reputation Scan

As we know that Reputation Scan property in kaspersky and norton useful to know if the file properly or not
And certainly not start a basic but for the sake of prudence and integrity

They already have a file rating scan. which shows a trust level and reputation.

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no need, cloud lookup is a file rating system which is used by CIS whenever a file is executed.
If this file is digitally signed and its digital sign is already in local TVL CIS does not query cloud lookup, if not CIS queries cloud based TVL if not in cloud based TVL it checks cloud based whitelist if not = Sanbdoxed or detected as malware in the cloud based blacklist.

But this tool is not efficiently norton and kasperskay

I’m sorry but when I have a big amount of 0day malware I first filter them with local sign with a simple right click scanning…
Then a cloud lookup on all left files. 5 minutes ago I had 22 undetected samples, did a cloud lookup over them, it left 5 to report. That’s really efficient so no need to search anything else. It’s working well.