Add "Pin Widget to Desktop" Function

1. What actually happened or you saw:
If you have the Widget showing on desktop, you can accidently move it’s position by dragging the mouse pointer over it (for example: if you use an laptop’s touchpad, this situation is very common when dragging other windows).

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Add the option to “Pin the Widget” to desktop, by clicking in the right mouse button, independent of the location choosen by the user. So, if the user chooses to put the widget, for example in the middle, top, top left, by other desktop icons or next to windows other widgets, he could pin it in that location.
Also, if you run programs or games that display in lower resolution, and then change back to desktop, the widget doesn’t stay in place.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Because it’s a bit of a pain to keep dragging the widget to it’s position when the above situations happen. ;D

4. Any other information:
Yeah. Comodo Rocks! 8)

I believe this wish is essentially the same as that submitted here (which has already been forwarded to the devs for approval). Would you agree?


As this does appear to essentially be the same as the other wish I will move this topic to Rejected. Space_Marine, if you believe that this is different enough to constitute its own wish please feel free to respond to this topic and explain why you feel it’s different enough.

Thank you.

Sorry, didn’t see that another user had requested the same thing before.
It’s basically the same wish, but with 2 differences.

  1. The other user suggests he has twitchy hands… a bit like me. But it doesn’t happen only by dragging. It also happens when you open a program or game that uses a lower resolution setting when running in full screen. Normally after quitting that program or game the widget normally leaves the top right of the screen and goes near the top center of it.

  2. I like to have a clean workspace. So I have all the windows widgets on the right side, comodo widget on top of them. I’ve noticed that the widget doesn’t hug the limitations of the screen. I drag it a little to hug the right and top side, and after reboot or user logout/login it returns back to it’s original position (not hugging the limitation of the screen). See picture. The background is not the same because I have it to change every few minutes. Also, I positioned the widget a bit offscreen to show the gap between the 2 pictures. It’s only a visual/Aesthetic problem, nothing else. I’m picky. >:-D


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Please reply to the other Wish Request and share your rationale. If the other Wish is fulfilled I believe it should fit your needs as well. I think it would be a useful feature.