Add parental protection

Comodo one of the finest protection programs but lacks parental protection layer targeting public and not just professional
Please add it to the new release
Many are moving to Kaspersky because of this property

Waste of space IMO

  • good idea

What do you mean by “parental protection layer targeting public and not just professional”? ???

Would it not be more effective to use Open DNS and reinstall Comodo without Comodo DNS servers. Yes, Open DNS does require account registration and software install for the parental controls but, it works and its free.

I think paying for Kaspersky is a little over kill to just gain parental controls. I know Comodo was testing a simpler product to Open DNS, but it never made it out of the beta phase. I think Microsoft has some level of parental controls in Window 7 and 8 but there’s is very limit.

Yes I would need to know what this would involve before voting on it. And how it would prevent teenagers subverting it.

An alternative is router/modem based controls. They are difficult to subvert if you implement a secure router password (and otherwise lock it down- deny telnet management access etc too) and if you keep the ISP password secret. (If you don’t do the latter the modem can be reset with impunity). Probably best to use a business quality router too.

VPN / Proxy (with encryption) would dodge that kind of blocking.

create free account in OpenDNS and filter what you want !

NortonDNS also do 3 levels of filtering. Family filtering is one of them.

OpenDNS Family Shield :-TU

+1 same here, why reinvent the wheel.


To make this secure (at least at the machine level) Comodo would I guess need to:

  • use CIS’s ability to hook into the OS at a very low level
  • filter at the IP level, using a whitelist
  • prevent users from non-admin accounts from disabling CIS (CIS is currently designed to trust the user, so this could be problematic)

I would imagine that Comodo could add a filter to its firewall that only allowed access to a list of external IPs

That list would be very expensive to maintain, so one option would be to check each request with an existing service like OpenDNS. But AFAIK these work at the URL level. Maybe you could use reverse DNS lookups or something to get the IP level validation. But there would be a performance hit. And it might be a bit flaky.

To make things secure at the network level you need router control, and even then as Sanya has pointed out that a savvy user could presumably circumvent DNS based router level control using a VPN with its own DNS service, unless the router prohibits that.

[Philosophy warning. I apologize in advance if I cause any offense]. Overall maybe the best approach is gently, continuously, and progressively helping your child to understand the dangers and how to avoid them, and in the main trusting them to do so. They will make mistakes, and learn from them. If you stay (non intrusively) in touch, you can help in that learning process. If you take this approach, when they are beyond your influence they will perhaps be better equipped to deal with our imperfect world.

Best wishes


Well said, that’s true, we all learning from mistakes. So if you maintain a close relation with your children it is even better then any DNS.

I think it should be on the Comodo company that target all segments of society
To become integrated protection