ADD or REMOVE Programs Detected CFP instead of CFP

Was my Comodo FireWall Pro downgraded to an earlier version ( Currently I have patched my CFP to version
Here’s my CFP installation history:

  2. updated it thru the updater but didn’t record the new version
  3. clean installed version
  4. patched it to version

*(Pls take note that I don’t have version installed)

When I checked the “About”, it has the right version. But when I checked it at the ADD or REMOVE PROGRAMS and REVO UNINSTALLER it was downgraded to version which I don’t previously have. Thanks to Jobshoppe for pointing this out. But jobshoppe upgraded from but mine was upgraded from version

  1. I uninstalled my patched CFP and cleaned the registry, etc. I then downloaded and installed the full CFP ADD or REMOVE PROGRAMS detected CFP instead of CFP

Do I have the right version?


Yes, it’s the right version, my guess is that the developers slipped on the keyboard and wrote a 5 instead of a 6. Nothing to worry about, but I understand that you’re a bit worried. But if you downloaded it from here it is the correct version (


Yeah, probably a typo. Go to misc, about… You should see .276

I have a registry key that references .275 as well. No big deal. As long as the “About” window shows .276, that’s all that really matters.

Ok! Thanks guys…CFP works well for me.