Add Option To Remove All Virtualized Traces Of manually sandboxed apps

I have been using the manually sandbox feature in CIS 5.3 to virtualize Internet browsers , media players , and chat messengers for quiet a while , and this feature seems to work just fine now. I uninstalled Sandboxie :-TU

I really would like to see 2 options added in CIS :

1- An option to manually delete all the virtualized files and registry keys and all kinds of traces.

2- An option to automatically delete all the virtualized files and reg keys when the virtualized program exits.

Also it will be great to gain control so I can decide if I want to delete the traces for all the virtualized apps or only for a specific program ( maybe adding an option in the advanced tab for each added program in the “always sandbox” )

What do u guys think ?

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+100 :-TU

Yep. I have been using too the manual sandbox, and it works fine.
I love the fact that i just need to use the security product of one company. I do not need to worry about future conflicts about Comodo and sandboxie. But it really needs that improvements .
:-TU :-TU :-TU

And what’s about cleaning all traces when program run in automatic sandbox?
Did you mean something like this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep , why not ? this will be useful too , specially with the dropped malicious files that everybody is complaining about although they are fully controlled by CIS and can’t do any harm.



great idea , now will give a run to sandboxing companies as well
and since you have a nicely designed sandbox ,Melih’s dream of default deny protection will be realised better

I too would like an option to empty the Comodo sandbox. Another thing I would like is a red border drawn around manually-sandboxed programs to indicate that the program is indeed running in the sandbox. That will give Sandboxie and BufferZone some competition.

:-TU. But give the user the option to not use that (red border).
An option to exclude bookmarks, etc.
And with the right click “Run in the comodo sandbox”, should be more configurable (give the option to use other than “Untrusted”, etc).