Add option to HIPS - Webcam Protection

1. What actually happened or you saw:
I noticed that every program can easily access the webcam, which reduces the user’s privacy.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
I want to let it see in the CIS, because each program (or anyone …) can set the camcorder to your computer without your knowledge.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Users want their camera to be sure they are not watching :wink:

4. Any other information:

I had actually thought that the HIPS was able to protect the Webcam. What have you seen which makes you believe it is not? Also, please link to it so I can learn more.

Also, the picture you added to your first post is not showing for me. Can you please repost it?

Thank you.

CIS does not pass protection webcam (SpyShelter Anti-Test).

Do you have the HIPS enabled and the Auto-Sandbox disabled?

HIPS asks for a change of keys in the registry, I block it, but after the camera is turned on.

In that case this sounds more like a bug to me. Please create a bug report for this so I can forward it directly to the tracker.

In the meantime I will move this Wish Request to rejected, as creating a bug report is the more efficient way to get this addressed.

Thank you.

This is no bug!
CIS there is no protection webcam!

Please create a bug report for it. In that way I can expedite this issue and hopefully have it considered faster. If needed I can always turn it into a Wish later myself. However, submitting a bug report is the fastest way to get this evaluated. I would rather something like this didn’t have to sit through the voting process. I hope you understand.

Thank you.

Bug was reported, but not fixed. I do not really know if it was a bug at all.