Add option to change scan settings done from Explorer's context menù

Right now we don’t even know which settings (like cloud, heuristic, PUA, compressed files…) are enabled when a context menù scan is performed; the option to change them for me is very important.

It uses the Full Scan profile, if you don’t know how to see what it includes or how to edit it then you can follow these instructions:

[ol]- Open CIS main GUI.

  • Click Tasks in the upper-right corner which is next to a green arrow.
  • Expand Advanced Tasks.
  • Click Open Advanced Settings.
  • Expand Security Settings in the new window.
  • Expand Antivirus.
  • Expand Scans.
  • Right-click Full Scan and click Edit.
  • Expand Options in the new window, here you can edit what options the Full Scan uses and hence also what options the context menu scan uses.[/ol]

Edit: Or perhaps your wish is to differentiate it from Full Scan so that it has its own scan profile?

Thank you for clearing this up, now I can change it and use it like it is just a context menù scan setting, while making another full scan profile for a complete scan.
However I think this should be explained somewhere in the GUI, or explicitely make a ‘context menù scan’ like I’m doing.

Sorry, are you sure about that?
Having the option to check for update before scanning doesn’t make it check for any update (the scan starts instantly, and in the log>activity there isn’t any check for updates). Also in Scan Profiles, Scan For Virus, Antivirus Protection | Internet Security v6.2 there isn’t any refer to this.

Now I tried with a pc with old definitions and after the scan the definitions are still outdated.
Also I disabled the ‘decompress and scan compresed files’ and did a scan of an infected rar, and it actually found the malware!

(Sorry if I should have edited again instead of double-posting, and for doubting! ;D )
Now I made another test enabling and disabling the option “Enable scanning optimizations” and comparing with the Info in log (file scanned or not), and actually found that changing it in ‘Full Scan’ makes the difference.
Therefore that profile is actually the one that rules the scan of contextual menu, but it also means that my previous tests raise some bugs in its behaviour. (or maybe this test raised it?!)
Still my wish of having a specific profile remains.