Add Option to Allow Printing for specific sandboxed application

1. What actually happened or you saw:

Currently you can’t print from an application that is set in auto sandbox section. A workaround exists but it doesn’t always work, if you have installed a virtual pdf printer like dopdf or foxit reader pdf printer you can print to that printer and after that, from the created pdf file you can print to a real installed printer.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

With the new policy based auto sandboxing in cis8 beta, an option to allow certain sandboxed apps to print to real printers installed on the system would be nice.

3. Why you think it is desirable:

At the moment the workaround doesn’t always work, sometimes when printing from a sandboxed app a message is displayed that no printers are installed on the pc although there are. Plus in a business environment where printing documents from emails,browsers,custom apps happens almost every minute using the workaround is making employees life even harder.

4. Any other information:

This subject was discussed on many topics, there are even a few polls created that i found:
I know that printing from sandboxed apps was disabled due to viruses exploiting the print spooler service but this options is really needed for some apps that we would like to be autosandboxed and also have access to printing.

This issue has already been forwarded to the devs in this bug report. Do you believe that the issue raised in that report is essentially the same as what you are seeing?


Basicly it’s the same issue but we need a fix for other sandboxed apps to print not only for browsers, that is why i said that an option for every single sandboxed app to allow access to printing, would be a nice ideea. Something similar to hips rules, if you check access to real printers for a sandoxed app, that app should be able to see system printers if not than to show the message that no printers on the system.

I understand. However, despite the name of it in the forum, in the tracker which the devs have access to this issue has been generalized to printing in general. Thus, it seems that what you are asking for has already been submitted. I will therefore move this to the Rejected section of the main Wish Request section, as this Wish has already been submitted.

Thank you.