Add-ons for CIS.

(I’m not sure Am I make thread in right forum ?)

Some internet security program including Email Scanner with AntiSpam,Phishing and other defense module.
Also if I said “This should add to CIS” It will be bloated and increase setup file size.

So in the past I was used “Pctools Antivirus”, in older version this program didn’t include Email Scanner.
But the user can install as add-ons.

If it possible to install other anti virus scanner as add-ons ?
For example Email scanner or Antispam (Comodo product.)

Some user that’s didn’t need other module you don’t need to install add-ons.

I think this is a good idea but I think a better way would be if the user downloads the installer which is small as it only contains the install text/steps. Then on one of the installer pages it says select the components you would like to install. Then the installer only downloads the components you have selected.

a couple of examples of this are the McAfee, Spyware Terminator, Avast Installers

I like the idea of allowing the user to make add-ons.

But CIS isn’t an open source software.

Outpost is not open source and did allow in the past to build add ons. I am not familiar with the current developments of Outpost but I assume it may still be there.

Yes I can remember that, In oldest version of outpost (1.0).