Add "my documents and Settings" to protected folders

Can you please add by default the access to Documents and Settings to be a protected folder?
This is in order to prevent data theft. Or are the normal settings enough to protect these folders?
Thank you.
Edit: Also can you possibly add browser files (like browser settings) and other antiviruses folders to protected files . I think these are some important security measures.

I too would like to see the Documents and Settings folder added to My Protected Files by default in future versions of CIS because there is ransomware, i.e., malware that encrypts all of My Documents and demands payment to decrypt the ransomed documents. The devs need to be proactive about security to combat the latest threats.

I Don’t put anything in my Documents folder on my user profile. I don’t even want to redirect the folders anywhere. They stay where they are. Separate partition Doc with NTFS permissions for the sake of usability/backup, etc. It could be different on a network with roaming user profiles, although I would also separate user settings/documents. I certainly don’t want this per user settings implemented by default in CSI.
It takes about 4 clicks to include these folders in my Protected Files anyway.

If protected, can we still open en use them normal?

If you have a word processor not on the safe list or added to my safe files it will give pop-ups all the time but it will work.

CIS files are already protected by default. Protecting other files/folder you mentioned seems like Vista overkill to me. Password lock the folder and you wont have to worry about theft.

I have red your comments I view times and I don’t get it, what do you mean by “CIS files are already protected by default” can we check witch files are cis files somewhere?

I mean, by protecting My Documents folder and other similar locations, you would protect them from being modified by an unrecognized process (meaning malware), BUT you would not be alerted by trusted processes such as word editors.
These if made by default will bring such more greater degree of security, since usually these folders have delicate information on them.

I think this is just fine as a user prerogative. The user can protect any files/folders they want. No need for Comodo to protect anything more than it already is by default.


ALL of Comodo’s files and registry keys are protected by default.

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