add lite cloud firewall

plz add lite cloud firewall or resolve this problem that cant use comodo firewall+cloud av
look this error

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Simple allow/block firewall that also uses whitelist to allow apps would be nice. No need for port stealthing and other advanced controls, just blocking of apps from communicating with the outside world. This way it can offer quite some protection and user control over apps but won’t cause problems because it won’t be really monitoring packets and stuff.

Im sorry but I desagree.

Firewall needs to be Firewall and not some kind of striped down version just to stay side by side ccav in its lightness.

BUT!!! Firewall is so light on resources usage that there is no need to strip it down to the basis. Just make a new suite with comodo firewall + ccav + sandbox (without HIPS). I bet this will be as small as 10mb only.

And please, consider making ccav compatible with (almost) every security software out there, including cis.

My goal is to have ccav + windows firewall + windows 10 defender + smart screem. nothing else. perfect for my use.

You don’t understand it. Keeping firewall just down to allow/block and nothing else (literally nothing else) means it is more powerful than Windows Firewall (which only asks that for apps that behave like server), but is way simpler than CIS or any other firewall.

But COMODO Sandbox already do it, in a different way… but block any process not recognized…