Add kill and/or blacklist options to prompts

In some instances I find Comodo asking my permission for programs that I didn’t want running in the first place. I think it would be nice to have an option of outright killing the process (Or the process tree, which might get funky) accompanied by a checkbox to add the program to the blacklist. As it is now, I have to load up Task Manager, kill the process, then I have to wade through the multitude of Comodo prompts (Unless I treat it as an isolated app, which certainly speeds things up). Also having the blacklist option on the prompts would allow you to block programs as they come along without having to manually define each one.

The only drawback I can see is some lesser-knowledgeable people blacklisting explorer.exe or winlogon.exe, causing their PCs to essentially become crippled and unusable. Might be able to have it as an initially disabled option hidden behind a disclaimer if that really becomes a worry.

I totally agree. Many times I had to test some small picess of malicus code knowing that I won’t run those execs again. In that case treating app as Blocked is unnecessary and creates more & more useless rules that would had to be deleted. If not then I had to wade through dozens of annoying alerts. Just one “kill app” button/checkbox would get the job done :wink:

Isolation works similiar to this, How ever it’s to block+isolate, not purely terminate…