Add "Installer or Updater" to the HIPS ruleset and allow us to edit it!


I want to be able to edit the rules of the “Installer or Updater” ruleset, more exactly edit the rules so that the protected folder “E:\AXTM*” is blocked, however that is not possible since Comodo has opted to take away control from the user and not include the “Installer or Updater” in the list of rulesets you can edit.

So then I thought I’d just edit every rule manually then… nope. You see if we take for example Steam, if you select “Use Ruleset” and “Installer or Updater” then you won’t be able to edit the Access Rights or Protection Settings, so then you say “Use a Custom Ruleset” well I would if it would allow me to create the “Installer or Updater” ruleset which it does not! You can not use "Copy from > Ruleset > Installer or Updater because it isn’t listed, and copying from another application with the Installer or Updater ruleset would just set everything to “Ask”

Basically I want Comodo to give us more control over the “Installer or Updater” rule, it seems they are afraid of giving this to us because it means we could accidentally create security holes, well guess what, I want to mend that by creating more strict rules but nooo won’t let me. Basically I want Steam to be set as “Installer or Updater” but I do not want it to be able to edit “E:\AXTM*” and I want to set up Protection Settings for it.

Please make this possible, I mean, come on the people who are this deep into the settings know what they are doing and besides the “Installer or Updater” ruleset is even as bad as it can get, you can’t really make it more permissive, you can only restrict it and make it more secure so how could a user mess it up!?

Sanya IV Litvyak.