Add Install Mode as an item to System Tray icon

The Subject says it all! :slight_smile:

Thanks for CIS and for listening,

My Question is why would you want this?
It’s basically the same thing in training mode…

I’m fine with answering the notification of a application trying to install and selecting “Treat As Installer/Updater”…

Just My Opinon…


I want this so Install Mode can be set without having to open the GUI or wait for CIS to ask.
This is much more important for less experienced clients than for me – I want to train them so they are instantly suspicious of surprise popups, and I don’t want them fooling with modes, in part because there’s no automatic timer in Training Mode (AFAIK).
I want this to be as clear, simple and foolproof as possible.

John, Foolproof… ?
In Computers it’s so easy to manipulate the mind of the old and the enexpierenced,
in so, I personally believe that that application is great as the user… and so, foolproof is impossible to create, only if you take one thing out of the equation may it be the user and replace it with something; the initial user just can “Install & Forget” (Comodo’s Whitelist/ Windows Updates/ On-Demand Detection/ Etc.)
In The Next Update CIS Should Be The Most Simple, User “FoolProof”, Most Secure.

But, As I See Your Way, I Would Like This Option To Be Able To Have Enabled/Disabled In The Initial Setup of CIS


I think Install Mode should be in the popup menu of CIS in the System Tray as a matter of course.


i think you’re right john.

  1. it took me ages to find the little place on the main comodo screen to get out of install mode.
  2. intuitively i would install something (go into install mode), then right click the tray icon, which tells me i’m
    still in the previous mode (safe), then run something i’ve just installed (possibly malware), then the
    — you are still in installation mode – message pops up, and i’m thinking - but i just looked in the tray and
    it said i was in safe mode ------- not very intuitive
  3. so i want it to get out of install mode quickly.
  4. i had to post a message on the forum asking how to get out of install mode, its just not very obvious or
    intuitive and doesn’t really follow the fairly clear and easy to understand rules of other defense modes.

I answered yes, to have to open the GUI, find the little tiny tiny words that say switch to previous mode, and to click on it, well, that’s too much. ;D

The “Installation mode” is not a valid Mode at all.
It just means one application is recognized as Trusted Application for short time and automatically will be kicked off.
So in “Installation mode” Comodo actually is in Previous Mode.

I don’t think it is just one app, I think it is any program that is defined as an “installer”.

I think this point must be explicitly ascertained.
Early I thought PC in installation mode is unsafe. But a few months ago I saw a post talking about this and I changed my point of view. My english may deceive me. ))

Installation Mode applies to all child processes of just one application.

RTFM :wink: Defense+ Tasks > Advanced > Defense+ Settings

'Installation Mode: Installer applications and updaters may need to execute other processes in order to run effectively. These are called 'Child Processes'. In 'Paranoid', Train with Safe' and 'Clean PC modes', Defense+ would raise an alert every time these child processes attempted to execute because they have no access rights. Whilst in one of these 3 modes, Comodo Internet Security Pro will make it easy to install new applications that you trust by offering you the opportunity to temporarily engage 'Installation Mode' - which will temporarily bestow these child processes with the same access rights as the parent process - so allowing the installation to proceed without the usual alerts.


One time I installed two different installers at the same time. Alerts came up for both installers. I made defined each one as a installer (and remembered the action) and switched to installation mode. Both installers continued, but I purposely stopped one installer while it was still installing. The other installer finished.

Now, I changed back to my previous mode.

I started installing another installer, defined it as an installer in CIS, and switched back to installation mode. While this installer was still installing, I ran the other installer which I had stopped before. Since I had already defined this installer as a installer in CIS, it ran without an alert.

See? Any program that is defined as an installer can run in installation mode, even if another installer is already running.

It can be more than one app, as I said.

Even though you defined it as an Installer, you would have gotten alert(s) from that last installer if it had started any child processes, since child processes aren’t also installers unless you switch to Installation Mode for the parent process.

A given Installation Mode applies to child processes of one and only one parent process installer, but it’s a bad idea to try to install more than one application at the same time! (Windows Installer will prevent that, but only for applications that use Windows Installer.)


As stated, It is Installation mode for the parent process, and all child processes it loads/runs (you yourself admit that).
If there are no conflicts, why not be able to install more than 1 at a time? (assuming the user is comfortable doing so).
D+ will protect the user if any application tries something it shouldn’t or something you have defined as “keep out/authorization only”.

So you guys think D+ only lets one installer and its sub-processes be in Installation mode at one time? Hmm…I wonder why I was able to run two installers at the same time. :THNK

You can, Jeremy, you proved it. I am in agreement with you.

Nasty conflicts can occur when more than one installer is running at the same time, particularly in the case of shared DLLs. As I wrote, and as Microsoft will tell you, running more than one installer at the same time is a Really Bad Idea.


Didn’t say that. Suggest you read what I wrote more carefully. :wink:


I voted yes as I like having several options

IMO it doesn’t matter for this topic what the Installation Mode is about. The important thing (for me, not the topic :)) is that if I’m using it, I want to access it quickly and easily. Having it in the tray may be useful.


Yes. I agree. My misspeaking, my non-native english

is primary cause of misunderstanding. Sorry…

Does ability to start more than one app in Installation mode confute my supposition (The “Installation mode” is not a valid Mode)? Seems even if 100 apps launched in Installation mode it does not mean totally all apps in system belong to " Installation mode" Level. It just means 100 apps with child processes are marked as “Temporary Trusted Applications” and rest apps and OS belong to Previous Mode Level.
Am I wrong ?