Add info to signature

I have added Comodo product info to my signature on emails and listed it on my personal home webserver ( running Monkey Web Server as thanks for the free software. (:KWL)

I like the idea of added Comodo product info to my sig. in my emails. How about some of you guys/gals good at the sort of thing post some ideas so we can all choose one and add it to our sigs? I am a rookie and have no idea how to create those sort of things. I surely will put it in my sig. though for my email as well as the forums I visit.

Here you have the original banners.,1978.0.html
Just right click and save… ;D
Or did you want a new one? There are lot of guys who could help you here, just say what you wan’t… :wink:

You are right AOwL, there are some cool ones in there. I will get busy promoting this great product. Thanks.

Thanks Thulemanden, thanks Rick24…

we really appreciate it.


I have added a couple of Comodo banners and a video install guide for beginners. ;D

Good idea!

I will do the same.