add hotkey support

Please add hot key support.

With Zonealarm, an Alt-R (Remember) and Alt-A (Allow) could be entered during the startup of games unknown to ZA even though I couldn’t see the ZA popup. The cursor would change in the lower right of the screen which was my clue that ZA was prompting me.

With CPF I can sometimes Alt-Tab and get a different cursor but, assuming it’s a CPF popup, there aren’t any hotkeys I can use.

I like this Idea also. I posted a copy of azjerry’s post in the wishlist

This is why CPF don’t have any hot-key:,2101.0.html

I can see how hotkeys can be potential a potential liability. Use of “safe conputing” and/or something like Prevx should bring the likelyhood of a trojan being present way down. Hotkeys could then be an acceptable risk.

On the other hand, games and other programs that take over at a low level often prevent alt-tabbing back to the desktop to see/respond to a CPF popup. An alt-tab sometimes will bring the popup to the front, indicated by a different cursor in the lower right. With ZoneAlarms’s hot keys I could respond to the popup. I can’t with CPF.

On the other hand ( how many hands is that :wink: ) With CPF I often get popups for other programs that I’ve allowed many times before. Blindly responding to an unknown popup could be a problem too.

How about an option to make hotkeys available or available only when certain programs are running?

I don’t know about that. But you can raise that issue thru’ CPF’s wish list section.
But if you ask me? …well after using the latest installment, I never miss those shortcut EVER.
I change my way to, CPF’s way. ;D

…and about that alt+tab thing, this software helps me more then once:
Alt-Tab Terminator - Best Alt-Tab Replacement for Windows 11 with Search, Live Previews and App Cloud - NTWind Software?

I’ll check out the task switcher. I’ve been using the XP PowerTools version. Like I said, I can sometimes get to what I think is the CPF popup but I can’t actually see it so I can’t respond to it.

That said, I’ve tweaked the rules for the games and some of the other programs that cause popups again and again. Things seem to be settling down and I’m seeing less lockups.

Fine to hear that.
And also, don’t forget, that you can always add your game’s executables to the “Trusted Application” list, to further reduce the trouble.

That’s no reason not to have hot keys. Trojans can send MOUSE messages as well as keyboard messages, so the only way to prevent that is to NOT take ANY input… (:WIN)

The alert dialog can already be manipulated with TAB/SPACE/ENTER. But it’s not QUICK. Shortcuts would make the daily interaction with that dialog a WHOLE lot more bearable. It’s starting to tick me off having to mouse it all the time…