Add HIPS Enable/Disable options to the security options configuration pane?

We have Antivirus, Firewall and Behavior Blocker Enable/Disable options on the security components pane.
Why not HIPS as well? (Screenshot with HIPS added)

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Thank you.

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And also to the System Tray Icon Menu!

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Is it or is it not suggested that HIPS be disabled for better usgae so i dont see any relevance as to whether it is there or not.
But it also begs the question why are the other options there in the gui pane when they can be accessed within the program.
It really makes no difference.

If BB is enabled HIPS is not required, see here for more details.
It would make for quicker access even just for testing purposes, especially seeing this option is not currently available from the tray icon either.
Users testing the reaction of different components, can help give us all a better understanding of each of the components functions and can also help improve the program for the future.

Please forgive me for asking what will appear a stupid question but if it is strongly suggested that hips is disabled then why was it incorporated into the program to start with. ;D

people still use it, like me and where did you get the idea that its strongly suggested it should be disabled?

One issue that we immediately see is that unless the user is very much informed/knowledged about how CIS HIPS and BB work, any one who sees HIPS in Main GUI and finds it disabled, would immediately try to enable it (thinking that he has somehow accidentally turned off one of CIS’s main component), which leads him to chaos.

We presently need to clarify to ourselves how HIPS and BB function exclusively and together in CIS with full understanding. Only then I suppose we can think of having HIPS on the main screen or not.

This makes sense. I think there can be an option to include/exclude the HIPS switch in the config pane.

I see the intention behind the new GUI and I stated various times, that in my point of view, it’s pretty unusable for the advanced user. I’m trying to not repeat myself. But, based on your statement, I’ll add some thoughts:
1st: The “uninformed” user, on which your argument is aimed and who COMODO tries to protect from misconfiguration, won’t even open the GUI. He wants an install and forget solution and will only make decisions in the automatically appearing popups.
2nd: COMODO placed the “game mode” button at prominent places. Enabling game mode turns CIS to a “default allow” system and makes it easy for the “uninformed” (actually even pretty informed forum users seem not to know, what game mode is doing) user to ruin his protection completely. There’s no warning, no timer, all components still show, that they’re protecting fine. COMODO completely failed at that point to protect the users from accidental misconfiguration.
3rd: I don’t see, where accidently enabling HIPS would lead to chaos. There won’t be HIPS alerts for unknown applications, because they are handled by the BB. There won’t be HIPS alerts for known applications unless you’re in paranoid mode. So maybe it’ll slow down the system a bit, but that should be all.

Yes and no - yes, for sure we need to understand how the components work. No, not showing components in a components overwiew is the very wrong way. While the “uninformed” user probably isn’t interested in this function at all, it’s useless for the “advanced” user this way. Same for removing HIPS from the tray menu and removing all the security levels from the tray menu. If the GUI doesn’t improve drastically, CIS6 won’t make it on any of my production machines.