Add different configuration settings during install (Novice, Basic, Advanced)

Add configuration settings (Novice, Basic, Advanced) to CIS so that these options can be chosen during the product install and also changed afterwards on or near the Summary tab. This would be nice for people like my parents and other non-techies. The “Novice” setting would do stuff like suppress all prompts and take action for them. When the action is taken automatically by CIS, they are then notified that xyz.exe was not allowed to run because of it being harmful or put in a cage because it is untrusted or unknown. All over-rides in the “Novice” mode should be sandboxed to keep them safe.

Adding this option would allow us techies to recommend CIS to novice users. Novice mode could also either automatically launch the trial version of GeekBuddy to help them install the product, and or launch a quick training video on YouTube for an overview on how it works so they are comfortable with it before CIS runs for the first time (the part where CIS is the most active and the user knows the least about CIS). This information and help with installing CIS would be nice touch for novice end users who might not have anyone to ask for help.

The basic option could be for the user who wants more automatic control, but still wants all the detail of what is happening. The advanced user option could be how things are currently.

I have to vote for undecided.

I think that currently for the novice user they get very few prompts. Mostly what they will see is a few firewall alerts and a popup to inform them that a file was sandboxed. I think the current default settings are relatively good for novice users.

That said, I do think it would be useful to have different configurations. It would be nice to at least have a novice and advanced.

For novice all but the most basic settings could be hidden. This way the user won’t accidently change something they don’t understand. Also, under advanced the advanced users can tweak the configuration the way they want it.

So I both agree with you and disagree with you. Do you agree? ;D