Add Deep Freeze 6 to the Whitelist

i’ve told comodo to trust this program with every alert that’s been given and told it to remember but when deep freeze has the hard drive frozen, deep freeze does some other operations on the computer so even if i tell comodo to trust and remember it wont remember the next time the computer is restarted because when the drive is frozen it doesn’t keep amy changes made to the system on the next restart to help prevent maliciouce behavior and the family member using deep freeze like to turn there computer off at night and wants to use both deep freeze and cis

See if Deep Freeze has a signed executable and have it add that way, otherwise try reinstalling Deep Freeze with Comodo Defense+ in Training Mode and then give a restart and change it to your original Defense+ setting and see if that works. I had a program on a friends pc that did that and I had to use Training Mode to learn it correctly, cause the .exe wasn’t signed, then changed it back to Clean PC and everything worked flawless. Might work for you but not sure.